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Working Together to Welcome the Next Generation of Horse-Crazy People



Co-Owner/Horse Handler

Elena has been riding horses for 22 years. They were a member of UC San Diego's Equestrian Team for 4 years; co-captain for 2 years. They went to horse summer camp as often as they could and was a counselor all through middle and high school. They taught at summer programs during college. After graduation, Elena became an instructor at Traditional Equitation School in Burbank. Elena has been mentored in several riding and horsemanship disciplines. Now at Red Velvet Ranch, Elena hopes to give their herd the best life possible.




Diana has had a passion for horses her entire life. Though more of a hack rider herself, she appreciates the sensitivity, majesty, and thrill of horses. She helped create Red Velvet Ranch to provide a place for individuals and families to fully enjoy the experience of riding, the building a relationship with horses, and the peace of being in nature near the Angeles National Forest.



Boss Mare

Cecilia is a Hart Mountain Mustang from Return to Freedom's Wild Horse Sanctuary (RTF). Though born in a herd of wild horses, she spent her life surrounded by people. Once she was old enough to be trained under saddle, she spent the summer of 2016 at Angi Murray's Wrong Turn Ranch in Santa Ynez. They did dozens of training exercises, including reining clinics and beach trips. Cecilia's favorite was endurance rides! After her training was over, she went back to RTF to wait for someone to adopt her. 4 years later, she chose Elena to be her person.



Our Unicorn (Available for On-Site Lease)

Lancelot came to us as a rescue, so we don't know much about his history. What we do know is the calm nature he showed to us from day one. He is an energetic Arabian with a wealth of knowledge and experience. Lance loves working with people, no matter the situation. His tenacity in competition is well noted too, as he ran fast in a barrel race within a week of us riding him! Lance will go the extra mile, whether it's in an English or Western saddle.
*Disclaimer: I cannot carry a rider who weighs more than 165 lbs*



He A Big Boi (Available for On-Site Lease)

Legend is our newest addition. This handsome lad has just finished seven months of training with Molly Ahern, Legend is shaping up to be a wonderful riding horse. We were lucky enough to find him from a friend of a friend and so grateful that he could join our crew.  Another horse that's as sweet as they come, and he loves everyone! 



Small Yet Mighty (Available for On-Site Lease)

Jasmine was at the same rescue ranch as Lancelot, and they formed a real attachment. Luckily, they got to come to their new home together! Jasmine used to be a broodmare. Jasmine trained with Angi Murray for seven months and joined us in April, 2022. Jasmine is the best little riding pony! Don't let her small size fool you; Jasmine has enough personality for a Quarter Horse twice her size. She loves going out on trail and has the smoothest little trot.

*Disclaimer: I cannot carry a rider who weighs more than 165 lbs*



Just a Very Good Boy (Available for On-Site Lease)

We’re happy to welcome Griffin as the newest member of our team. Originally from Shawnee, Oklahoma, Griffin came to California in January. He was training to be an endurance horse, but it became clear that he wanted to do different kinds of work. Griffin loves being with people and going on adventures. He has the calmest disposition, perfect for any rider!
*Disclaimer: I cannot carry a rider who weighs more than 250 lbs*



Live-In Rascal

Bahir is our baby horse. Having just turned 4, he is finishing his riding training. He is a dramatic Gypsy Vanner/Fell Pony cross. He is very smart and likes to show off his tricks and speed. And he will gladly take any carrots, cookies, or sleeves (ha) that you may offer him. Bahir just recently went to train with Angi Murray. We hope he's back here soon. Given how smart he is, he likely won't be gone long.

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