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How Did We Get Here?

Elena grew up riding at the L.A. Equestrian Center in Burbank. They started with lessons and amateur competitions each year. They also started working with horse rescue and conservancy organizations. Their first horse, Cecelia, was adopted from Return to Freedom Wild Horse Conservancy (RTF); their founder, Neda DeMayo, was kind enough to set up horsemanship lessons with a woman named Nan Zintsmaster. Nan helped Elena become connected with their horse on a level they'd never been able to access before.


Cecilia and Elena also worked with horse trainer Angi Murray at Wrong Turn Ranch (WTR) in Leona Valley to become better horse parents. Angi and everyone at WTR taught us more about horses in a few months than we'd learned in twenty years. 


Elena and Diana bought this ranch in Acton to allow us to work with our horses daily and strengthen those connections. It also gave us the potential to start the business we envisioned: combining horsemanship and riding training together to create a more inclusive experience. Today, RVR exists as a testament to how a human's relationship with a horse should be- built on mutual love and trust and respect.

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